Day 38 and 39 of appeal procedure: Verdict will follow the 21st!

Last Thursday and Friday two hearings of Peike’s appeal procedure took place. For the first time in this trial, Peike spoke himself. He made a statement about his personal situation and his time in prison. Furthermore all of the new/recent input of the defense was once more rejected.

After this, the judge closed the file and the defense had their final plea. In an extensive statement, they once again went through all the evidence, witnesses and the total course of the trial. Than, they of course asked for Peike’s full acquittal.
The public prosecutor also had his final plea. As we already knew, he still is convinced of Peike’s “guilt” and finds his “crimes” off great importance. Just like the public prosecuter did in Peike’s first trial, he again asked for a  jail sentence of 1 year and 9 months. (Eventough this same sentence was asked for in his first trial, Peike nevertheless got sentenced to 2 years and 7 months in prison.)

Monday the 21st of January the verdict will follow. This might mean that Peike has to go back to prison. Let’s show him, the judge and the state that he doesn’t stand alone.

Come to Hamburg in solidarity with Peike!

Hearing: 21st of January, 14:30 (coffee from 14:00) Sievekingplatz 3, Hamburg